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Conference Agenda | April 25, 2021

7:30 a.m.

Virtual Event Opens & View Exhibits

7:55 a.m.

Welcome & Announcements

Session III
Moderator: John D. Rogers, MD

8 a.m.

Whirlwind Changes in Heart Failure: What You Need to Know for Your Patients
J. Thomas Heywood, MD

8:30 a.m.

Lipoprotein(a) and Cardiovascular Disease
Calvin Yeang, MD, PhD

9 a.m.

Gender Disparity in Cardiac Device Selection
Ulrika Birgersdotter-Green, MD, FHRS

9:40 a.m.

Panel Discussion/Q&A

10 a.m.

Break & View Exhibits

Session IV
Moderator: Douglas N. Gibson, MD

10:30 a.m.

His Bundle Pacing
Gopi Dandamudi, MD, MBA

11 a.m.

An Update on Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion for Stroke Prevention
Douglas N. Gibson, MD

11:20 a.m.

What to Expect After an Afib Ablation
Nicholas Olson, MD

11:40 a.m.

Recent Advances in Cardiac Monitoring, Pacing, and ICD Therapies
John D. Rogers, MD


Panel Discussion/Q&A

12:30 p.m.


Please note: all times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PDT).


March 2, 2021

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